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Discovery Phase

Which problem do we solve first? We are here to fix the one that will be the biggest boost to your bottom line.

Discovering the Company

In this step, our team will basically gather the data by requesting some old up to date important documents, e.g., Finalcial Statements, Safety Reports, etc. This step is crucial to undestand the past and present of your company. The duration of this step will depend on the company size.

Listen to your team

We will go to your team, and hear from them. Our team will gather information and may also integrate operations for a short time to understand 'how things are done'.

Challenge Analysis

In this step, we will figure out the root-cause, how it looks like at this moment and the urgency of addressing the problem.


Execution Phase

Our team will start working together with your to implement changes and optimize existing processes.

Planing Phase

At this stage we have more of a clear picture and some skin in the game, it’s time to dig deep with the second phase. We bring you consulting frameworks we have up our sleeve, we create insights to crystallize the big picture, we'll go back and do excessive research on the data and industry trends that surround the central issue. Once we have completed this step, our team will come back to you with an in-depth analysis of the current situation, present strategic solutions for your business, and the iterative process. At this stage you'll make a decision about the winning solution, and you'll have a detailed plan for how it can be implemented in your organization.

Implementation Phase

In other consulting firms, planning is where the story ends. However, the devil is in the details, and it’s often during this phase when certain elements of the company’s strategy start to make sense. Benelsa will be there to put the plan into practice.

Our team work themselves out of a job. What this means is that the real impact we create isn’t just in giving advice; it’s in creating success . To guarantee business growth, our job doesn’t stop at giving up-to-date, relevant information (though naturally a must) but with overseeing what leaders do with that advice.

We'll schedule regular meetings with your key decision-makers in order to measure progress on objectives and help them course-correct to drive change forward. We'll also get involved in various business functions, talking to key people, perhaps a team member from each level of the organization, and consulting with all stakeholders on the project.

This phase is where we have the chance to maximize your impact, facilitate learning, and improve organizational success.


Reporting Phase

The final step of the consulting process where the organization can learn the most from.

Final Report - Suggestions & Recommendations

Our report goes into depth on all aspects of your business, from the business model to the biggest challenges your company currently faces and how you’re solving them.

The purpose of this phase is to evaluate the results that have been achieved after implementing the strategies we suggested and present these findings to you.


Strategy - Planning

Finance - Restructuring

Supply Chain - Logistics

Audit - Evaluation

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